Automatic top-ups on your domestic heating oils

Did you know we offer automatic top-ups on your domestic heating oils.

You never have to worry about monitoring your tank levels. SignalMan devices send us daily updates on how much fuel oil you’re using – and we’ll automatically book you a delivery when you start running low.

Standard Fuel Oils work with Kingspan Environmental’s revolutionary Sensor Signalman System in a number of domestic households. This handy tool is one of the Fuel Essentials products on offer.

This electronic wireless device replaces the need for a dipstick or sight level gauge by remotely monitoring the oil level within your oil tank. A green transmitter is fitted to the top of the oil tank which transmits the reading to a receiver which is plugged into a socket in the home or office.

The oil level sensor continually monitors the oil level and when it is below 10 per cent, the fuel dispensing pump symbol appears on the receiver as a reminder to order more oil.

Tanks &

Here at Standard, we supply and install a wide range of both plastic and metal bunded tanks. With sizes to suit your annual requirements, give us a call to spec a tank to suit your needs. 

The features & benefits.

The device works via SMS (similar to sending a text message to a friend). That SMS is then decrypted and sent to our sales team, who schedule a delivery for you as and when required.

The installation service for Sensor Signalman Unit is FOC

The Kingspan Smart Monitoring Watchman Sonic uses a transmitter on the top of the tank and ultrasonic level measurement techniques to measure, continually, the level of oil in a tank.


  • One model fits all
  • Quick & easy to install
  • Suitable for steel or plastic tanks
  • Lower power consumption
  • 200 metre transmitter to receiver gauge
  • Measures tanks up to 3 metres in height
  • Option of an audible setting sending out a buzzing tone when oil levels run low

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