How Oil Sample Analysis Works

Oil sample analysis is a vital process that allows us to analyse the contents, possible contaminants and debris of commercial or domestic oils. It can help us to separate high quality oil from low quality oil, to ensure that our clients are given only the best. Oil sample analysis is a comparatively simples process, but is hugely useful in a range of different applications.
First, a small sample of the oil is taken. In order to get a good sample, it is vital to use certain procedures to ensure that there is an accurate representation of the entire volume of oil. Getting the right size sample can be difficult, as too much can be difficult to handle, but too little can omit important results. When the sample is retrieved, it is transferred to a clean container ready for analysis.
There are many different applications for oil sample analysis, especially in industrial settings. When a lubricant, for example, is analysed, it can convey certain information about the state of the internal components within a mechanical system. When the components begin to show wear and tear, small metal particles will be released into the oil which will show up in the analysis results, indicating that components need to be repaired or replaced. Oil sample analysis can therefore be repeated at regular intervals over time in order to monitor the condition of certain components within a mechanical system. Analysis can also be carried out before use in factories, where a number of different oils are used for a variety of different applications. Many buyers often want peace of mind that the oil they purchase is without a doubt the oil that they need – so, oil sample analysis can provide a little more confidence.
Oil sample analysis has a number of different benefits – it can help to maximise the lifetime of oils, as it allows you to monitor the condition of lubricants so that they can be replaced when required. It also allows you to identify issues with mechanical components before the system breaks down. Analysing oils can save you a lot of money in repairs and maintenance, and can reduce waste oils, thus reducing environmental impact. It’s also a very quick process, which means that you waste very little time while waiting for oil analysis results, and your systems can be back up and running in a matter of hours.

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