Different Uses For Lubricant Oils

Lubricant oils generally contain 90% base oil ingredients and can be used in a variety of different industries, for a variety of different uses. The main purpose of lubricant oils is to reduce friction – whether that be for hydraulic brakes in vehicles or boats and submarines. Despite this being the main purpose, there are actually many different functions that lubricant oils can be used for, which can apply to many different industries.

[cortana_heading title=”Separate Moving Parts” font_size_title=”24″]

In any sort of system, there is bound to be two or more moving parts that shouldn’t be rubbing together or touching – this is where lubricant oils come in. To reduce friction and surface fatigue, lubricant oils are applied on the components to create a barrier. The lubricant will also reduce heat, noise and vibrations within a system, which may be beneficial for certain industries.

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Similar to the above function, lubricant oils work to reduce friction in a system. Not only will the presence of lubrication in a system prevent erosion and surface wear, it will improve the overall efficiency of the system. Lubricants may contain additives known as friction modifiers that chemically bind to metal to reduce friction, even if there isn’t a large quantity of lubricant oil present at the site.

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Lubricant oils are particularly useful for transferring heat. They have a high specific heat capacity which will allow transfer of heat to and from cooler parts of a system. They can be used to both cool down certain components and heat them up depending on specific requirements, and so are very versatile.

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Having lubricant oils in a circulation system will carry away any internally generated debris and contaminants that are introduced to the system. This debris will be then carried to a filter where they can be removed manually or automatically. This filter will need to be changed regularly to prevent clogging, but can be left for the majority of the time to do your work for you! Having lubricant oils in a circulatory system will keep the system working efficiently, prevent blockages and contamination and keep the overall system clean.

[cortana_heading title=”Seal For Gases” font_size_title=”24″]

Using lubricant oils can have some benefits for any system that involves the use of gases. The lubricant will occupy the space between moving parts, allowing a bondage site for gases. This is particularly beneficial for pistons and shafts.

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