The Benefits Of Using A Sensor System To Fill A Fuel Tank

Can you benefit from automatic top-ups?

Fuel tanks are sometimes a risky business – it is easy to forget about filling your fuel tank, or caking it to see if the oil is at a sufficient level, and so it’s easy to find yourself in the situation where you’re suddenly unable to have any heating because of the lack of oil.

Thankfully, it’s the 21st century and technology is constantly evolving, bringing us new and innovative solutions for all aspects of life – including filling your fuel tank! There are many benefits to using a sensor system to monitor your fuel levels. The two we will be focusing on here are Sonic Signalman and Sonic Watchman, two devices that can give you peace of mind.

Sit back, relax – and let us do the work.

Our reliable, easy-to-order delivery service and fuel monitoring technology means that you never have to worry about running out.

Sonic Signalman

Sonic signalman is a small unit that can be screwed onto plastic tanks, or attached manually by a skilled engineer on a steel tank. This device is revolutionary, and will ensure that you never run out of fuel to fill your fuel tank. Each day, Standard Fuel Oils will receive a live level of the fuel present in your tank. If it’s getting low, we will refresh your fuel supply for you, to make sure you never run out and get left in a sticky situation. It also means that we can see any sudden drops in oil levels or irregular quantities in the fuel tank, which will alert us of any potential problems, like leaks or theft.


We can then advise you on the best possible solutions, and check your tank for any signs of tampering or damage. The advantages to this system are obviously extraordinary, and at just £15 a month for domestic customers, it’s a true bargain.

Sonic Watchman

Sonic watchman, unlike Sonic signalman, is for your use, not ours. These units give you live levels of your fuel tank in your home, so that you can monitor it as you wish. All you need is a household socket. Like the signalman, if you have a plastic tank, this unit can simply be screwed on. If not, then a small hole will need to be drilled into a metal fuel tank.


At £85, this system may seem pricier than the signalman, but is a one off payment as opposed to a pay per month deal. Of course, it is recommended that both systems are installed so that we can work together to keep on top of all of your fuel needs.

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