What is AdBlue and What Are the Benefits?

What is AdBlue?

With an increased awareness of environmental issues, many companies now strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and it’s no different here at Standard Fuel Oils. As a company that largely depends on vehicle usage, we are trying to cut down on harmful emissions along with offering that benefit to our customers. One way of doing this is with the use of AdBlue.
AdBlue is an additive developed for the motoring industry. It is used alongside diesel to reduce mono-nitrogen oxide emissions from exhausts. The vehicle requires a special tank to carry the fluid which is transferred using specialised AdBlue dispensing equipment. It transforms the harmful mono-nitrogen oxide toxins in diesel vehicles into nitrogen and water vapour. Using AdBlue has no effect on the power or torque output of your vehicles.

What Are the Benefits

The major benefit of using AdBlue is that it reduces the emissions of mono-nitrogen oxide from vehicles. This will reduce the negative impact that you or your company has on the environment.
If you are looking to reduce the mono-nitrogen oxide emissions in your vehicle or company fleet, then the use of AdBlue is one way of doing this.
When it comes to estimating the amount of AdBlue you will need for a fleet of vehicles, you will have to consider factors like:
– how far each vehicle will travel,
– the fuel economy for each vehicle,
– how many vehicles are in your fleet, and
– your vehicles’ AdBlue consumption rate.

AdBlue at Standard Fuel

For comparison the average consumption of AdBlue® in a Euro 6 engine is approximately 4 to 6% of diesel use, so 4 to 6 litres of AdBlue® per 100 litres of fuel burnt.
Here at Standard Fuel we have chosen CleanAir Blue as our AdBlue provider. For more information on the brand visit: cleanairblue.com
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